CRESC Annual Conference (London, 4th-6th September)

We have two panels presenting on ‘Socialising Big Data: The in/ vulnerabilities of digital data-objects’ at the CRESC Annual Conference to be held at SOAS, London, next week (4th-6th September).   On Thursday 5th September, papers will include: Evelyn Ruppert, From Probability to Plausibility: In/vulnerable numbers; Ana Gross and Celia Lury, Drawn Numbers: Secrets, Public Statistics and […]

Socialising Big Data: the in/vulnerabilities of digital data-objects – panels at CRESC annual conference

We will be presenting papers, along with others, at two panels on Socialising Big Data at the upcoming CRESC Annual Conference, 3-6 September, SOAS, London. Here is our line-up: From probability to plausibility: in/vulnerable numbers, Evelyn Ruppert Drawn Numbers: Secrets, Public Statistics and Representational Crises, Ana Gross and Celia Lury Big Data and Climate Change Mitigation: […]